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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home
in Allegheny County, PA

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Regardless of the time of year, we know you can use these energy-saving tips for your home in Allegheny County, PA. Whether it is cooling your home in the summer or warming it in the winter, your energy bill can fluctuate drastically. If you live in Baldwin, Elizabeth, North Huntingdon, or the surrounding areas, trust Edward L. Kemp Co. for your HVAC needs. Not only do we provide HVAC system installation, repairs, and maintenance, but we also offer energy-saving tips. Call us today to schedule a free estimate at (412) 673-7337 or (724) 837-9339. Speak with someone whenever you call, day or night. You can also leave us a message online, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Six Tips to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Here are some energy-saving suggestions that will not interfere with your daily activities and will benefit your budget.

Change Air Filters Regularly
To avoid dirt buildup and overworking your system, inspect your air filter each month and replace them every 30-90 days.

Thermostat Presets
For the most effective system, run your HVAC system at ideal, consistent temperatures. To manage your system’s consumption in a timely and efficient manner, program your system’s timetable to coincide with your own.

The Importance of Window Coverings
Shutting blinds and curtains in the summer will limit summer heat. Alternatively, during the winter, open up curtains and blinds to allow the sun to naturally warm your home.

Improve Insulation
Increasing your insulation, especially in the attic, can prevent heat loss. Also, check for drafty windows or doors to prevent cold air from entering.

Professional Routine
Dust buildup, filthy filters, or clogged drains cause your system to consume more energy and cost you more money. Your system will operate at its most effective level if you schedule maintenance. Trust the professionals at Edward L. Kemp Co. to ensure your home’s heating and air conditioning are working correctly.

Updating Your HVAC System
Updating an old system could help reduce your energy consumption.

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